What can I really say about this game? I played Gone Home a while back and enjoyed it, some people really hyped it up to the nth degree. So that’s what made me want to play Tacoma. This is Fullbright studios 2nd game after Gone home. It’s actually taken a really long time to come out, they demoed it to people in the industry and then went back and made a bunch of changes to it. So at least they kept it in the oven until it was finished and didn’t just rush to market with it.

The most shameful thing about my playthrough of this, is that I used a trophy guide and just followed that and got the platinum in about an hour. I did it one Sunday morning.

Why would I do something like that? I just wanted to get a few of these little games out of my way and done with honestly. That morning I woke up and finished off the last chapter or so of Telltale’s Batman game and went right into this one, had it done before lunch.

Tacoma – Skull basketball?

So I missed out on all the story and world-building this studio is known for, but I did get the trophy, for what it matters (spoilers: it doesn’t). So perhaps I should feel a little bit ashamed at some point in my life about this tragic decision I made. I will for sure try and get back to this game and just see what the story has to offer, I did piece together a little bit of the narrative thread of the game so don’t judge too harshly!

Tacoma – Platinum

What really sucked about getting the platinum, I forgot one little thing after beating it, so the trophy didn’t pop. I had no clue what I missed either, so I had to go back into the ship (luckily it had a save right before the end) and started poked around where I started, found the audio log thing really quickly, so it wasn’t too bad, thankfully.

Score – I’ll have to come back to this one…

Original Release – 1 Aug 2017

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