Diablo 3

Revisiting Tristram

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition (English)_20181208164733

Been playing Diablo with the boo a fair amount lately. We just beat the main game together, I was using the new Necromancer class. We were also playing as a seasonal character, first time for both of us doing that.

We’ve been really enjoying ourselves going through it. Started going for the season rewards also yesterday, we put on Critical Role on the laptop so we could listen to it while we play and just been getting in those paragon points and shit. It’s just Diablo 3, what can I really say about it? As long as you got something on in the background that you can listen to, running around collecting loot and leveling up is as enjoyable as ever in this game.

Final Score – Too old to review I’d say

Original Release – 25 Mar 2014

It’s fun being able to play the game with the Lady, since we’re both on the same level, it’s not competitive at all (unless you get better loot and she gets pissed). It’s just a good time to listen to Critical Role and hang.

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