Batman – Telltale

It’s just a Telltale game…

Batman – What? Something wrong?

So what do you do with all that information? You play it through and get your nice little platinum trophy I suppose. It was also nice not having to pay for this game since it came “free” with PS+. So I’ll just keep it brief and pop a final little message at the end for this game.

Batman – Here we go again

Final Score – 6.3

Original Release – 2 Aug 2016

These games…the Telltale games, it’s just so weird that they exist in the fashion that they do. I suppose they don’t anymore with the closing of their studio. The glitchy, odd gameplay and the straightforward way of telling their story drag down the whole experience. This is especially evident after having played a good amount of their games. It just all becomes a repeat experience, you know each chapter will last between 1 and 2 hours, you make a few choices that will have an effect, some won’t though. You get trophies and will get the platinum just by making it through (except for The Wolf Among Us which takes a little more work). Also, knowing that there won’t be a sequel drags the score down a little bit more. Don’t think I’d go back to this one to experience the story, just keep it moving I say.

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