Finding a “Pro” Controller, and Failing

I’ve been trying for a long time now to find a controller for the PS4 that is a quality product and has buttons on the back. Something similar to the Elite controller for the Xbox One. The main reason for this is that I’m tired of doing the “claw” grip on my controller. It’s awkward and causes strain on my hand if I do it for too long. It’s the most annoying aspect of modern console controllers, ergonomically speaking. Just throw a few buttons down there and we’d all be better off.

So I’ve been doing a lot of research into controllers that I could use, it’s a big process and I’m trying my best to get it sorted, but as you’ll soon see, it hasn’t worked out. Just about all of the products are a mess. Oh, btw, I’m willing to spend hundreds of dollars to fix this issue. So that’s not an issue.

Scuf Vantage

Scuf Vantage – A sad pass

So let’s start with the Scuf Vantage. It’s a good looking controller with an Xbox layout, which I don’t mind at all. Looks solid and parts can be swapped out to fit my needs, can be wired or wireless.

But… the have bad dead zones, a cheap feeling to the controller, reports of odd button layouts and headphones only work in wired mode. Too many issues that don’t seem like an improvement. So I’ll pass on this one.

Razer Raiju Ultimate & Tournament

Razer Raiju Ultimate

One of the more expensive controllers for sure is the Ultimate edition controller which is an insane 270 USD on Amazon right now, I’d be able to get it a bit cheaper out in town though. These controllers look really cool, have a bunch of nice features, but….

Razer Raiju Tournament

They fucking suck! Tons of reports on stick drift and lag weight these down to the bottom of the bin for me. I read reports of Razer stating that their Bluetooth implementation is a bit off which causes the lag issues, and don’t get me started on all the firmware information I sifted through. Apparently they have newer versions of the Ultimate edition that run on firmware 1.04, but those also have updated hardware inside which fixes all the issues people are having. I can’t figure out a way of finding out which version i’m going to buy because you have to plug them into a computer to even see what version you bought.

Their customer service reps keep telling people about new firmware versions fixing all the issues but they seem to not actually work. So it really sucks that these aren’t just the best things ever, considering the price.


This version of the controller is for the updated model with the 1.04 firmware. This is supposed to be the fixed version that everyone was praising. You can tell Razer understands they fucked up since it’s actually in the description of the product on Amazon.

All the rest

I went through products like the FPS Strike Pack, that’s basically a clip on device for the PS4 controller that adds two extra buttons to the back. But I’ve seen negative reviews on that. and I really don’t like that it’s a clip on thing and not a bespoke controller. Just not for me. Also, can’t be used without wires.

The Strike Pack!

Scuf also has different models of controllers, ones that are just modded normal PS4 controllers, which seem really nice, but I keep hearing bad things about their paddles and that they break.

It’s a fucking shitty marketplace if you ask me. What’s so hard about just making a solid controller that has no added lag, good quality buttons and a nice stick feel?

Which all leads me to one of my last ideas.

XBox Elite Controller

Xbox Elite Controller

Perhaps I should just get an Xbox Elite controller and a Cronus MAX Plus or Brook adapter.

Issues with this are that there’s no touchpad on this controller, you have to run wired, and the audio jack doesn’t work. Heard about slight issues with lag and also reports that it’s just 1ms which isn’t bad. I love that all the parts are easily changeable and that the build quality is top notch. I’d really love to use one of these controllers, but I’m not convinced as of yet that this is my best option. I really wished I wouldn’t have to run it wired. Also, no rechargeable battery built in…what’s up with MS and that shit?

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller

Here’s an upcoming controller that’s not released yet. Looks like it’ll be out at the end of March.

I’m really looking forward to this release and just hope it fixes all the issues I foresee with the other controllers. It can be used wireless or wired, has an Xbox layout and 4 buttons on the back. It looks like those buttons wont break down either. I’m going to wait for reviews to pop on this one before buying though, I want to make sure there’s no issues with it before giving them all my money.


I have no idea where I’m going to go in this search. Perhaps with the XBox Elite controller and one of the Brook adapters. I have found a wireless version and a wired one. The wired one is allowed in fighting tournaments so it can’t be that bad. I’ll have to do a bit more research or wait a month or so for reviews of the Nacon Revolution Unlimited to come out.

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