Marvel’s Spider-Man

Right off the bat my first impression of this game was that Peter Parker looks like a shitty character. I didn’t like the design of him at all. That kind of grows on you, meaning that you stop trying to think about how dumb he looks and just focus on the man in the spidey costume.

Let me also state that I beat this gamel (with platinum trophy) a few months ago, took a break from video games and then just recently finished up the DLC and got all the extra trophies above for the DLC and beating the game on New Game +.

…a spider, perched atop a light, looks for a restroom.

There’s not much more to say about a game that’s sold this well. Just about everyone who wanted to play Spider-Man has. It’s a very solid game. Just saying that is a little surprising to me. Not because it’s a superhero game, or a Spider-Man game, but because of the developers. Listening to podcasts (mainly Marty Sliva from IGN(long time ago)) always going about how great Sunset Overdrive was made it one of the first games I played on my XBox One, and that game was not that fun. It was just the same shit over and over, really boring and forgettable in my opinion, way overrated. So I was a bit skeptical when that team was given a Marvel IP to work with. The game is great however, so no worries.

Damn fine character detail work on display here.

The story was good, I enjoyed the Dr. Octavius plotline and how it all ramped up, kind of wish they didn’t go the established route with him and instead tried to subvert our expectations. We all knew where the story was going. I enjoyed Miles, his relationship, and most of the plot beats in the game. Mr. Negative was a bit forgettable but that’s okay too.

The game engine is pretty great, minus the part I clipped through a building and ended up inside the geometry unable to get out. It didn’t bother me, just made me laugh and have to reload the game.

Yes, I’m inside a building… you got a problem with that?

The amount of costumes you unlock was a really smart idea. It kept the game feeling fresh and made me want to jump into photo mode a lot more often than I normally would.

The combat felt really fun for a beat-em-up type game. Towards the end I just dropped the difficulty level down because some of the fights would go on for a long time. I kind of just got tired of repeating the same types of fights over and over.

A really striking shot.

That leads into the side quests and how monotonous they get. This will only matter to you if you’re a completionist or trying to get the platinum trophy. You have to just do the same thing over and over, it’s a bit of a drag honestly. The best thing is that they don’t make you do it as often as some other games…so that’s a thing. What does suck is that the DLC actually adds more of these mission, a new set for each episode of DLC, of which there are 3. Damn developers, you couldn’t have thought of other fun stuff for us to do? I guess it’s better to save those ideas up for the sequel.


The DLC was enjoyable and I actually enjoyed the story arc of Yuri Watanabe, the cop you’ve been working with throughout the entire game. It was an unexpected twist for sure. I also liked how Black Cat played on their relationship to manipulate Peter.

Pause For a Second

Oooooh, she naughty!

Wrapping It Up

Can we just openly talk about Black Cat. How the fuck did Marvel get away with this shit? That’s just a straight ripoff of Cat Woman from DC’s Batman. She’s a thief…a woman that runs around the city in a black cat outfit stealing shit… Stan Lee just straight up jacked that shit.

More like Copy Cat! Am I Right?

Just to put a bow on it. The game is a big ball of fun. Great story, the locomotion of swinging around a city is done with skill, and really nice graphics that pull you into the world. I can’t wait for the inevitable sequel on PS5.

Ol’ man Stan

Score – 9.0

I’d give it a straight 9. It’s a beautiful, well made game with a good story. Just wish the combat and side quests didn’t get so repetitive.

A section of the New York playground offered.

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