Ugh…What to Play?!

Just trying to figure out what game to play next. Trying to get through a lot of the DLC type crap I bought a while ago, so might continue on that journey. I just finished up all the remaining trophies for AC Origins and the DLC. I have AC Odyssey going in the background also, but not I’m trying to figure out where to go next.

So I was looking at playing South Park: The Stick of Truth next. I thought that it’d be an easy platinum trophy and wouldn’t take forever. That lasted up to the point I started seeing what’s needed to get the platinum, which isn’t that hard, the issue is the spreadsheet of information needed to get all the trophies in one playthrough. You have to create saves after every change in the story just in case you have to reload to get a trophy. The collectables aren’t that bad since they have guides for that and I could just follow along. I’m just not sure that I actually want to micro manage my gameplay for the coveted platinum. Does anybody have a step-by-step guide or spreadsheet that just breaks everything down and tells you when to get each trophy?

That made me think of just playing the game for fun (funny right?) and not worrying about all the trophies. Which I might actually do.

I also started thinking about playing The Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn. The kick to the nuts happened when I saw that they added a new game + trophy and one for playing it on the hardest difficulty. Why couldn’t it just be simple and I could bang everything out with the new content?! I suppose I haven’t played the game since it came out and have been looking forward to going back to it since I loved the story so much. I could just start a new game + on the hardest difficulty, blow through the game and load up my other save with my level 50 character and bang out the DLC that way. That would allow me to catch up on the story once again.

Other than that, it’d have to be CoD Infinite Warfare, Wolfenstein 2, or some other PS+ game or something sitting on my shelf that I completely forgot all about. Man, I could have sworn South Park was going to be an easy one.

And for all of you wondering, yes, this is some OCD shit that I go through. It’s hard to help sometimes. There are certain games that I really love and I feel like I need to get the platinum in it, so that I can say I did everything, and if they add extra trophies to make sure the bar is completely filled in. Sometimes I wonder if Nintendo is actually doing things right by leaving trophies out of their ecosystem. I do have a few Switch games to play but I need to get my left joycon fixed since they used shitty parts.

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