Inside XBox…yea, okay.

Microsoft just held their Inside XBox streaming show to unveil the first look at XBox Series X gameplay. I have to say I was really disappointed in the show. Where do I even start?

So the first game they show looked pretty bad, it was a FPS called Bright Memory Infinite with guys in Japanese armor. It just didn’t look like a real clip of actual gameplay, which is what most of the clips ended up being.

Oh yea, all these games are “in development” and subject to change, which is needed. Also, this isn’t even the first-party games. So expect those to be better.

I’m just all over the place with this thing. Here’s the issue, none of these games look like a next-generation product. Remove AC Valhalla from that statement though. If some of them look great, one “game” looked pretty nice, but it showed no gameplay at all. It looked like an Alien movie or something.

They really didn’t take it easy, show some solid gameplay footage at a normal pace, no super cuts going off every 2 seconds. Let’s just see what this machine can do. But no. Perhaps the issue is that these games are cross generation and are labeled as XBox Series X optimized, which I’m guessing means they are going to have customized graphical settings for the X, which is like running a PC game at ultra. I didn’t see anything showing off raytracing in an awesome way, which is making me doubt the prowess of their RT solution (that goes for PS5 too).

The only game I want to see more from is AC Valhalla, and I’ll pick up the Yakuza game for PS5 since that’s almost guaranteed as well. So yea, what a disappointment, not sure why they even did it honestly. Unless Sony is about to get out there with some more info, it just seemed like a missed opportunity to me. Here’s a pro tip for you, if you promote an event as showing in-game footage, show some real (and I mean actual gameplay, not in-engine and quick cuts) gameplay footage!

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