Kemono Friends Picross – Review

Anyone else out there hankering for some more Picross in their lives? A few months ago I decided to look on my Switch for another Picross game to play through and came across this one when I looked up the developer on the Switch store. To my surprise there was a new game, along with the previous three seasons of the classic game, so I snapped it up really quick.

Now, if you’re already acquainted with Picross (I’m definitely not going into how it works here) then this is a good place to find some puzzles. I felt like they weren’t too hard, I didn’t really struggle with any of them, even the higher level ones. My Picross addiction runs deep and I didn’t really care.

Oh, and if you play Picross correctly, before even starting the first puzzle, you need to disable all assists. Then when you start a puzzle you are not allowed to restart it, you can erase all the blocks and start over, but under no circumstances are you to quite, stop the timer, and restart it. I will allow you to suspend the puzzle and work on another, that is perfectly fine. These are all my rules that I have when playing with. This is a puzzle game that I really enjoy playing and I only get a certain amount of it each year, I want it to be as challenging as possible.

I have started up the new Picross S4 on my Switch that came out recently but I’ll talk about that when I wrap it up. I did like the different take on the art for the puzzles in this game. Each puzzle has something to do with these little cartoon/anime girls called Kemono friends. I have no clue what it’s all about, I just assume it’s some Japanese type of collectible girl thing. Only because there are so many different girls that you have to solve the puzzle for. No clue, but it was fun and I liked the art style and presentation of the game.

In the end, it’s Picross. Feed your addiction just like I did. Turn off all the help. Just wish it was a bit harder, and with most Picross games, I wish it had a whole section of large puzzles and not just a select few towards the end of each section.

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