PS5 Showcase Event Announced

Sony just announced a date for their next PS5 showcase event, this time on Sept 16 at 1PM PDT.

They say in their brief announcement that it will be focused on PS5 games that are incoming. I really hope that during their 40 minute video presentation that they show off more than just the games. It would really be annoying if they didn’t drop a price, release date, and when we can preorder. Basically all I want it to get my preorder locked in because hot damn people!

I am getting a sense that they are going to say that the Demon Souls remake is going to be a launch game, which would be pretty insane. I’m so ready to just preorder a bunch of games with this console, it’s something fresh and new and I can’t wait to experience it. I’m also looking forward to seeing how it handles PS4 titles and the benefits it gives to the existing catalogue.

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