Just an Update

Here’s a little update for the site. I’ve played a few games and still have to write up some reviews for them, which I’ll eventually get to. So that’s been on the back of my mind for a while now. I’m also becoming very disillusioned by the games media in general. Every little bit of news that comes out about video games gets scrutinized, articles with click-bait headlines get written up, and hot-takes get thrown around without a care in the world.

This constant churn of articles on “newsites” like IGN, Gamespot, Kotaku, etc. have just erroded my desire to want to be involved and apart of the discourse of video games. No longer can you hit up a site at the end of a day and scan through a few articles, check reviews of some new games, and feel like you’ve gained some knowledge about your hobby. You go to a site now and you get posts about which multifunction printer you need to complete your home office (first post on IGN as I write this) or whatever other dumb, useless, drama that is going on in any tiny corner of the industry. A lot of these sites have become drama channels to try and pull in more clicks. It’s probably my fault for even loading up a bookmark folder when I first sit down at my computer and scan through all my sites, perhaps I just need to cull through my bookmarks and just drop some of these sites completely. I do think that there are still one or two good sites out there, but I prefer to get most of my commentary and information from a slew of podcasts that I still listen to weekly. So that’s just the internet being the internet in todays society, everyone loves a reason to get angry.

What has really been going on with me? Even though you never asked. Well, since I’m living in Japan at the moment I decided to start getting into retro video game collecting. I feel like I’ve shunned retro gaming in the past and really only wanted to delve into it in the form of remasters for newer consoles.

I came upon YouTubers like KidShoryuken who go around the Tokyo region, exploring stores to find great deals on retro video games. It’s been a great reason for me to get out of the house and see some smaller parts of the Tokyo region. I’ve visited a bunch of Hard-Off stores (thrift stores for musical instruments and electronics), dug through piles of old games, bought a lot of them, and even picked up a few consoles along the way. Oh, I’ve been down to Akihabara to see what they had to offer as well. I think I’ll write about the stores I’ve visited and show some pictures of what they have on offer.

My plan going forward will be to get out a few reviews of some of the more modern games I’ve been playing along with showing a lot of the stores I’ve visited and will continue to visit. I may also try and post some reviews or opinions on games I’ve picked up and talk about how well they hold up. Just not sure how I’m supposed to get any screen captures of these games unless I convert their signals into HDMI and use a capture card. I’m looking forward to putting all this out there for others to see, I hope you’re as interested in retro games as I’ve become.

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