Bluepoint Games Officially a Sony Studio

To the surprise of no one.

In what can only be referred to a as a shocking revelation, Sony has officially welcomed Bluepoint Games into the Sony family of studios.

The more interesting part of this all is that they are developing their own original IP now. Bluepoint is the studio behind the Demon Souls remake that launched with the PlayStation 5 along with the Shadow of Colossus remake for the PS4. They basically do those pretty remakes of games.

I must say that right now I’m just a little bummed that they’re making their own, original, titles for the platform. They are really good at taking an old property, sourcing out artwork and bringing it up to modern levels of graphical fidelity. You kind of knew that if they were doing a remake that it would be done to a high level of quality, and it seems like they could get them out at a pretty decent cadence.

Now, we’re going to have to wait 3-4 years for them to put out their own game. Maybe a little less because it seems like this acquisition has been in the works for some time. It was leaked out earlier this year that this was going to happen. They should have about a good year of development already done since Demon’s Souls came out as a launch title. Would it make sense for them to adapt that engine and make a Dark Souls style game? That’d be interesting.

I’m happy for the team of people at Bluepoint that want to create their own project, there’s a lot of pride and sense of accomplishment in doing something like that over remaking another teams work. So if that’s what makes them happy and get out of bed each morning, good for them. Hopefully their studio is big enough that they can have two teams working at once, that’s how I’d try to structure them. It does feel like a lot of the asset work in their remakes were done by other studios, which was a brilliant way of getting things up and running fast. Then again, that’s how a lot of studios work today, outsource the asset creation to studios in parts of the world where it labor costs are less.

It’s a little funny that everyone’s dreams of a Metal Gear Solid remake and Bloodborne have all gone out the window though. Perhaps one day!

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