Yakuza 0 – Back to the Beginning

While I’m looking down the barrel of a new Yakuza game to sink my teeth into. How about I keep exploring some of the older games through photos stored on my console? Sounds good to me. So here goes the prequel game, Yakuza 0. While I played a bit of Yakuza 1 and 2 on the Playstation 2 way back in the day, I didn’t really get into the series or fall in love with it until I played this game.

Yes, it’s a Yakuza game, but I just want to run a business.
Beat the shit out of people and money falls out of them, motivation enough it seems.
Such a striking young lad Kiryu was. Those side burns were on point too.
A young Goro ready to beat people up.
In Yakuza 0, you can make it rain anywhere you want.
And finally, the naughty room with a box of tissues on the side, wonder what those are for.

I love this game and I love the series. A younger me would have wanted this team to continue on making Shenmue games, I would have never of thought that they were going to follow their own vision and surpass the inspiration for the series. It’s one of the best stories and soap operas ever told in gaming.

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