The Games of 2019 That I Feel a Need to Play (but don’t want to)

We reached the end of another year and another decade. A lot of games have been released and I know that I definitely didn’t have enough time to play every one of them. There are a bunch of them out there that I feel a need to play, either to be a part of the conversation of for more personal reasons. For now though, let’s take it easy on everyone and say that it’s okay if you decide to never pick up one of those games. I get that these games are good, that they have their own fan bases and I know I’d get a certain level of enjoyment out of them, but perhaps I just don’t have the time!

These are some of the games that I feel like I don’t want to play. The odd thing is how official it is just saying that. If I had an infinite amount of time I’d love to spend all the hours required exploring these worlds, but alas.

Days Gone
Monster Hunter World
Fire Emblem Three Houses
Mass Effect Andromeda

That’s just a short list of games that come to mind while writing this. I’m sure I’ll come back and add more to this list. The funny thing is, is that I do want to play each of these games. I want to know the story of Days Gone but that means other games will get the boot because time is limited. I want to see just how good or bad Mass Effect Andromeda really is, and it’s like 8 dollars on PSN all the time. I’d love to get into PUBG since that’s a game that I missed out on initially, but is it really worth going back to that after playing a bunch of Apex?

I still have a coupon for a free game from the Nintendo EShop and I thought Fire Emblem was going to be that game, now I just don’t know. It’s a massive time sink and I’m trying to get away from them for a while so I can get through my little back catalog of games that I have built up (thinking of you Judgement). So yea, that’s my list right now. Hopefully putting it down in words with make me feel a little less guilty about not playing them. Cheers to the new years!