Borderlands 3 Review (including Mad Moxxi’s Heist for the Handsome Jackpot)

The last time I built a computer, the main game I remember playing on it was Borderlands 2. I believe this was in 2013 or so. I loved that game and was able to get to max level while playing solo. I tried out the game and it’s sequel on the PS4 a few years ago, played co-op with my brother a bit, but felt like the series needed a refresh to compete with other, more modern, titles. I’m happy to say that that’s exactly what Borderlands 3 is. So If you really liked the Borderlands games before, you’ll love this game too. 

Let’s start out with the story, and by that I mean let’s just skip right over the whole thing. I stopped paying attention to anything people said in this game, except for a few instances where my curiosity got the best of me, but that’s already forgotten. Just put on a podcast, run through the missions, collect new guns and shoot the enemies. It’s a nice little cycle that gets repeated over and over and it works well. 

I enjoyed the variety in the worlds on display here. I have completed the first DLC, Mad Moxxi’s Heist for the Handsome Jackpot, along with acquiring the bonuses from the Broken Hearts Day quest. In that time I also reached max level and upped my mayhem mode level a few clicks. The only real goals I have left are a slew of side quests and maxing out the upgrade on my storage, which will just take some grinding for cash. The level environments, for the most part are all excellent, I just had an issue with the swamp/forest world which I felt went on for way too long and was quite drab compared to the rest. 

The new sanctuary.

The best part of this game is the improvements to movement along with the feel of the weapons. Everything just feels modern and enjoyable to use. The variety in weapon firing modes along with the grenades and skills are all well implemented and suit the combat well.  

You do get to interact with characters from previous games, but since the story was so uningaging I didn’t really care outside of the nostalgia that came from seeing them in this new game. 

Lord of the Rings perhaps?

I played as FL4K since I was planning on going solo the whole way through. Having a pet that can agro enemies or potentially kill an enemy while in Fight For Your Life mode was a boon. The annoying part was my dumb pet would get in the way of picking up an item or get in-between my character and an NPC that was trying to talk to me, making it seem like the damn thing was always in the way. FL4K ended up being a really good character for me and I don’t feel a need to play through the game with another character or anything. Although, having bought the full edition that includes all the DLC from the Epic game store, it makes me wonder if/when they’ll add new playable characters and who they might be. 

Nice view on an ultrawide monitor.

What’s interesting to me is that I have a rather large backlog of games that I’ve been itching to get through, and yet I keep picking these massive games to play. I had a lot of good memories of playing the last Borderlands game, so I felt a desire to return to this world and see if it lived up to what I had remembered. I was a little worried after hearing some initial reviews of the game, certain people focused too much on the story, but Borderlands was never about that to me. It’s about leveling your character, choosing your loadout and perks, and getting in there and shooting shit. I think this game does succeed at that. It feels a little strange that this is all the review for this game ended up being since I’ve been playing so much of it. I think my review turned out this way because of the long tail that this game had with me. It just dragged on a bit since I stayed in after finishing the story and jumped right into the DLC. Others definitely wont mind this at all, there is a lot do to and places to explore in this world which is awesome.

Final Score – 9.3

A great game that’s a blast to play, just don’t expect anything from the story. Also, can’t wait to jump back in at the next event or DLC drop.