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  • Resident Evil 5 – Review

    Resident Evil 5 – Review

    Hot off the heels of Resident Evil 4 comes Resident Evil 5, originally released on the PlayStation 3. It’s a great action game that feels like an evolution of the formula establish with 4, but skews even more towards an action game. You play the game as Sheva and Chris, two mercenary’s that are ready…

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  • Resident Evil Village – Review

    Resident Evil Village – Review

    I played this game a couple months ago and I’m just trying to get down some of my thoughts on the game before they leave my frail mind. I kind of love the direction these Resident Evil games and remakes have been going lately. I just love the length of the titles. I like how…

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  • Resident Evil 3 (remake) – Review

    Resident Evil 3 (remake) – Review

    I ran through this game in just a couple of days and got the platinum trophy on it before Cyberpunk 2077 hit. I was able to get it for cheap in a PlayStation Sale and just had to go through it since I loved the Resident Evil 2 Remake so much. Now, I haven’t played…

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  • Resident Evil 2 Review

    Resident Evil 2 Review

    When I was a kid I played the crap out of Resident Evil Directors Cut and when it came out Resident Evil 2. My brother and I would play these games over and over again at our friend Mike’s house and when we got our PS1 we’d kick it off in our bedroom. I still…

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