Resident Evil Village – Review

I played this game a couple months ago and I’m just trying to get down some of my thoughts on the game before they leave my frail mind.

I kind of love the direction these Resident Evil games and remakes have been going lately. I just love the length of the titles. I like how the first time you play the game it takes X amount of hours, but you can get trophies for playing them over and over with different win conditions. It kind of unlocks a meta to the game that I’m not typically privy to. I’ve talked about this before, but the almost speedrun quality to the game really becomes apparent and it’s actually something that draws me into the game more.

The first time you play RE8, the story and setting really draw you into the world. It’s a continuation of the events from REVII and you play as the same character. I really felt invested in my character and his progression through this small village and the people that inhabit it. I like the mystery and sense of discovery available to you as you explore. I loved the character progression and upgrading of weapons at the Duke.

I wont try to avoid spoilers since this game has been out for a while, and I’m saying right now that I may spoil some stuff down below.

The first thing you notice about this game if you play on the PS5 is just how fast the loading times are. It’s so great to jump into a save in two seconds. From a playability standpoint, that’s an amazing feature and one I want all games to have.

I also really like the combat and the feel of the weapons as you battle the creatures of the village. It just works really well. I guess I kind of lost a lot of my nitpicky thoughts on this title, but I have to say that I was really pleased with my experience playing it.

I don’t think that’s how a shirt is cut… Just saying.

I’ve become a huge fan of these recent RE releases, including the remakes. I love slowly going through my first playthrough and looking in every corner for pickups and secrets. Then immediately playing through the story again to get a few more achievements while cutting down my time to just a couple of hours. Then going for the next run where you don’t open your item box or some shit like that. I like the fact that you can cheese those runs by unlocking overpowered weapons and the ability to turn on infinite ammo. They make it fun, they allow you to feel like you’re getting one over on the developers and tricking the system.

Let me just say that the one thing I do remember about this game is the fucking Mercenaries mode. If you’re going for that Platinum trophy you know what I’m talking about. You have to beat all the levels at increasing difficulty while S ranking the stages. It’s one of those things that when you start making attempts you just think it’s an impossible task and that you’re just going to fail, which you will. You clear the first set of challenges and have to go up a level and say “fuck it”. I would just stop the game for the night and attempt it the next day. On the highest difficulty Mercenaries challenges, I would watch YouTube videos of routing and try to follow along with them. It was a challenge, one that I ultimately came to respect, but don’t wish to attempt again. I did have fun with it but it really did make me wonder if I should continue down the trophy path.

Final Review – 9.0

I’m just a huge fan of this series and the direction the team is going with these games. They have a game engine that feels great to play around in and it looks beautiful. I can’t wait for the inevitable remake of RE4. Do you think the women will get even bigger in the next game though?

Resident Evil 3 (remake) – Review

I ran through this game in just a couple of days and got the platinum trophy on it before Cyberpunk 2077 hit. I was able to get it for cheap in a PlayStation Sale and just had to go through it since I loved the Resident Evil 2 Remake so much.

Now, I haven’t played Resident Evil since it came out on the PlayStation 1. Most people, I suspect, have never played it. I never felt like it was one of the beloved sequels in the series, kind of like Code Veronica, so it didn’t get the rerelease treatment often. I was a kid at the time and played it at my friends house. Back then we used to play shitty Sega CD games and speed run Resident Evil: Directors Cut, but I only remember playing this game a little bit so just about everything about it was new to me.

Just before getting into this game though, I went back to my Resident Evil 2 Remake game and got the last remaining trophies and finished up the platinum on it. I was on a bit of a roll I guess you could say. I had already heard when this game was released that it was shorter than 2, but I didn’t really understand how much that was true. It’s not that it bothered me or anything, It would have if I had paid full price though (I believe it cost 60USD on release). It’s definitely not worth that release price, especially if they’re going to release little nickel-and-dime DLC to unlock extra costumes and shit like that. It’s a bit bullshit and one of the reasons I sat on the game for so long and waited for a sale.

So right off the bat I love the way the Jill character model looks in this game. I just think there is an ineffable quality about her look that is just so well done. It’s only slightly let down by some of the lighting and animation work, but the look of the model itself is great. I feel like she’s one of the more beautiful women in gaming today, there is just something about her that makes me want to keep looking at her face. The French would call it “je ne sais quoi”, it just grabs my attention more than a lot of other female protagonists in gaming. I can just respect the choice of look they went with here, it’s definitely not how I remember Jill looking in the original. In this game, she’s a complete badass that doesn’t take any bullshit from the men around her. On the other side of the coin you have Carlos and his massive head of hair, it’s insane.

The game itself is modeled closely on the remake of 2, except now you get a dodge move. You basically just have to take the 2nd game, remove almost all puzzle solving from it and make it an hour shorter and this is the game you get. It’s so streamlined it almost makes it a speed runners game. That’s exactly what I liked most about the game too. There’s something about a game with good mechanics like this where you can just blow through it in 90 minutes.

Yes, this will happen…

What that does is it forces you to learn the patterns of each level or section, so the next time you run through it you automatically know where to go and how to deal with all the enemies. Granted, that’s only if you’re going for the trophies. If you’re not you’re just getting a short little action movie of a game, which may be disappointing to some. It would have made a good rental game.

I didn’t approach the game like that at all, I watched the story the first time and skipped it every other. I was able to unlock the rocket launcher as a starter weapon, which helped me on subsequent playthroughs. I did a run without accessing the item chest which added another degree of complication to one of my speed runs. I actually just found it fun to run through the game so much. It truly felt like being a speed runner. I tend to only play a game once these days, games are getting so fucking long that you don’t get the opportunity to just play through them more than once, or for this game more than once in a day.

The trickiest thing about RE3 had to be the last boss on the hardest difficulty, that guy was a bit of a fucker. I did have a good tip that I think others should follow, which is to listen out for a particular sound to push in the charging cells. If you time it right you can skip one of his attack animations, making the fight a lot easier.

Open with a bang.

I thought the game would use a lot more of the locations from the 2 remake, but you basically just get a little bit of the police station and the street out front. It’s not like the locations really impressed me that much in this game. It was all kind of toned down in the excitement level. Nothing really stood out to me. The whole opening section around the train station and the streets surrounding it were a little forgetful. The coolest part was probably the big head above the store, but even then it didn’t wow me.

The hospital in the later portion of the game tries to complicate it up a little bit, but you can literally just blow through it with relative ease. You don’t get that Resident Evil puzzle solving, figuring out how to open doors thing. Sure, you have to get the tape player and the tape, but just open all the rooms and look around, you’re not going to miss anything. That’s all fine though, that’s not what this game is about. We got all that in the last game.

What I really liked about the story and where this game goes is when it starts interweaving into the events of the second game. It was cool to see how the timelines fit together and really make this seem like a more cohesive package with the 2nd remake.

The boss battels, I felt, weren’t really that much of a challenge (except the last on the hardest difficulty). If you play the game right, you’re going to get the rocket launcher in your chest for your other playthroughs. It doesn’t even cause your rating to decrease so you kind of need/have to use it. Except for the playthrough you do without opening the chest, which is fun. You have a dodge move which makes maneuvering the boss arenas a lot easier, if the nemesis comes at you and you’re good at timing your rolls you shouldn’t have a problem. The arenas were memorable, particularly where he’s running around in circles on the walls and the last when you finally kill it, which was awesome.

Some nice cloth, looks like someone learned Marvelous Designer.

Final Score – 8.5

There really isn’t much else to say about this game. Listen, if you liked the 2nd remake then you’ll dig this one. Just know it’s super short and try to go for the trophies because they really add to the fun and enjoyment you get out of this title. Isn’t that a weird thing to say? With most other games the trophies are a grind and don’t add to your overall enjoyment, this title is the complete opposite. If you don’t care about trophies, you’re going to want to wait for a deep discount on the PlayStation store before pulling the trigger. If you can understand and see how the trophies push you to enjoy the game in ways you might not naturally seek out, you might find that you get a nice challenge and some more time out of this game.

Resident Evil 2 Review

When I was a kid I played the crap out of Resident Evil Directors Cut and when it came out Resident Evil 2. My brother and I would play these games over and over again at our friend Mike’s house and when we got our PS1 we’d kick it off in our bedroom. I still have my old Versus Books strategy guide with the hand drawn images of the map. I’d sit there and pour through the book analyzing all the drawings and figuring out how I’d make it through all the rooms. It’s my first real memory of figuring out level design in a more complex manner than the Mario levels I used to draw.

RESIDENT EVIL 2 – The Police Station

Last year I played Resident Evil 7 and even got the platinum trophy in it. That was a game I initially thought was changing what the series was all about, it was going into a more first-person horror style game. After playing it I felt like that was the wrong assessment. It kept the puzzle aspects I wanted from the series and it retained the routing aspect, getting through the game as efficiently as possible, that I used to enjoy as a child.

RESIDENT EVIL 2 – Sad times in the gun shop

Resident Evil 2 remastered or remake, whatever you want to call it, or even RE 2: 2019 is just a treat. The police station setting is so iconic and wonderfully realized in a fully 3D environment. The characters are super cheesy but still somehow a bit lovable. You can run through the whole game in two hours, or even less, if you want to; and it’s still fun to do the 3rd or 4th time around.

The game is super solid, I love it and would recommend it.

RESIDENT EVIL 2 – The lovely (and badass) Ada Wong

The story in the game isn’t the best, it’s serviceable to the gameplay I’d say. The amazing facial animation from RE7 is back and it’s a thing of beauty, especially coming from a Japanese studio. The only real issue I had with the characters is with Claire’s eyes, she can seem a little psycho sometimes. They just needed to lower the intensity and close them a little more and I think that’d help.

RESIDENT EVIL 2 – What a creepy fucking look

I love the way the game feels to control. It runs at 60fps on PS4 Pro and I never had an issue with the performance. If you look around closely you can tell where they had to make concessions to hit that frame rate but if you’re just focusing on the game it’s a stunner.

RESIDENT EVIL 2 – Some of the nicest facial animation today

The most welcoming change to this version is that there are no loading screens while playing, you open a door and just go into the next room. Not only does that help making the environment feel like a real space it adds to the scares as well. Zombies can now knock on doors and bust through them, no longer are you safe just from making it to the door.

What will really get your anxiety up is when Mr. X (the tyrant) finally shows up. This unstoppable enemy will search for you and listen for any gunshots to pinpoint your location. Playing this game with a nice set of headphones, you can detect where he is in the police station just from his thundering footsteps. It’s a little terrifying at first and made me dread running into him.

RESIDENT EVIL 2 – Shouldn’t have been talking shit

I actually enjoyed all of the boss battles in this game. They mostly gave me a reason to let loose on my weapons and spend some ammo. I spent so much time hoarding gun powders and ammo that by the end I was just using all my good shit on anyone I came across. It’s a little funny how during the first section of the game, the police station, I would try my hardest to conserve ammo on each run that I did, only to eventually have way too much handgun or shotgun ammo in the later sections.

RESIDENT EVIL 2 – The dude is tripping hard

This game is meant to be played over and over and that is actually an enjoyable experience. I haven’t achieved platinum status as of yet, I’m getting a little burned out on it to be honest. I do see myself taking a break on the game for a while and then going back to get the hardcore runs and complete the plat.

A stupid thing the developers did was create the best outfits for the characters and put then into a 15 dollar DLC pack, and you don’t even get that many outfits. Seems like they’re just trying to nickle and dime the customers just like every other triple-A videogame out there.


I also played through the Hunk mission, which is basically get from point A to B as quickly as you can with limited resources. It wasn’t too hard and could be beat in about 10 minutes. That unlocks playing as Tofu, a giant piece of tofu and all you have are a bunch of knifes to defend yourself with. As you take damage large chunks of your body get torn off, it’s pretty funny.

RESIDENT EVIL 2 – She got those red bottom heels girls! Oh yea, she wears heels the whole time…

Some of the dialogue between Leon and Claire though…it’s like, do they know they’re in the middle of a zombie filled police station? Why are they just so nonchalant all the time?

Final score – 9.6

This game is a banger. It’s beautiful, runs great, and respects your time. You can get in, do a section and get out, or you can run through the whole thing in one sitting. The puzzles are well laid out and logical, and the combat feels fun. What a great remake of a classic game.

RESIDENT EVIL 2 – Hungry? Why wait?