Gears 4 – Review

Action Movie Game

Have you played a Gears (of War) game before? Then you know what to expect. Honestly, if you like the other games you’ll enjoy this one too. Pretty simple actually.

Papa bless

I know this is an older game, but I just did my game pass with Microsoft and have a few free months to play thanks to 500$ I spend on a new CPU. I wanted to play Gears 5 but 4 was the only one of the games that I missed out on, figured it was best to go in order.

I’m really glad that I played this game. It went by really fast, must have only been about 8 hours or so. I forgot how much of a linear action combat game these Gears games are. There is almost no exploring, you just run through some corridors, get into a little combat arena, kill enemies and repeat.

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That is probably the biggest downside to this game, the repetition. While it was only 8 hours long, give or take, you literally do the same thing over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, the combat is fun and all, but they need at least one more system in here, at least the Uncharted games have climbing and exploring your environment a little. This is just the big dumb summer blockbuster with really good production value. It’s a bit bewildering that the games in this series have stuck so close to the initial formula from the first game, I’m looking forward to what the Coalition brought to the table in the sequel.

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What the fuck is this about, before playing you have to see an ad…fucking hell

While the enemies will glitch out here or there and just stand still as you pummel their faces with bullets, the combat is still a blast. Everything just feels good to use, granted I stuck with my classic lancer and rotated my secondary weapon to whatever was around. My active reload ability was still spot on after all these years, I nail it almost every time which feels really good. Even when the bar gets tiny after doing it over and over, you just get that little click and it’s gravy.

Another thing that I appreciate about this game is that it knows it’s a game. When you kill the last guy in a fight you get a little chime, the same chime from the first game. That means you can move through the next barrier and on with your journey.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

I appreciated the way the game respected my time. It knows it’s a dumb action game. I couldn’t care less about learning more about the story, the little they gave me was just enough to keep my interest. I loved that Marcus was back, and I liked Kait and Del being there, it was a good time with good people. It is funny how all games like this, with a group of people going through as a team, start to all end up like the crowd around Nathan Drake who makes wise cracks all the time.

Gotta tune up that motion blur guys…shit’s a little off

For a game about 3 1/2 years old, it still looks good and ran great on my computer. I had no crashes, which is wonderful after playing Metro Exodus. I was averaging around 90 FPS with everything set to max and no resolution scaling on my 3440×1440 screen so that made me happy. I played the game with my Astro C40 controller and that all worked like a champ.

Getting it done with mechs.

Final Score -8.3

Just a good, fun 3rd-person action game. I didn’t even get into the multiplayer or hoard mode, just looking forward to booting up the sequel in a few minutes. I’d definitely run through the campaign again in a few years.

Nice benchmarking tools.