Apex Legends Update

Anyone else just having a hard time getting motivated to jump back into Apex? I got back in the other day when I was testing out my new Astro C40 TR controller. I just wanted to see how it felt with the controller, how the sticks felt and the extra buttons on the bottom. I’ll leave that to another day though.

The game itself is still really good. It’s a great little shooter that I paid absolutely nothing for and in return it gave me a lot of hours of enjoyment. I stopped playing just after I hit level 49; I had all the trophies except for the hit level 50 one, which is a little silly. I think subconsciously I felt that if I hit the cap and had nothing else to aspire to then I wouldn’t feel a need to pick it instead of one of the other games in my backlog.

I made a hard pass on the battle pass. Leading up to it’s announcement I was ready to throw money at the game. But then it was put out and all the skins just looked like shit, nothing was fun about it, there were no challenges or things to look forward to except playing more Apex and leveling up the battle pass and opening up loot crates. It was just a disappointment.

It was a little hard to get back in, mostly because I forgot some of the controls. That coupled with using a new controller and mapping buttons to the back really messed me up. I do love the game, just wish it was pulling me back in a bit more.

I feel bad for the developer, Respawn, they seem to be in a tight spot. They don’t want to crunch their team to get a product out, yet, if they don’t do that their game feels stale. Especially with reports just coming out of the Epic team is under heavy crunch keeping Fortnight going. That game, however, is still really popular and is dominating Twitch, while Apex continues to go down little by little.

I doubt Respawn wants to get bloated with new personal to cover the demands and assets needed to keep this game on top. Compared to the rest of EA’s developers, they are one of the most respected of the bunch, and they don’t cave to all the demands EA seems to put on it’s other developers.

It would have been nice if they came up with a 50 person strike team to work on weekly updates. They need more artists, concept, 3D modelers and the like. This team would work to come up with new skins for weapons and characters. They could also come up with little things like jump trails and little special effects here and there. These are changes that don’t affect the core gameplay, it’s not a new character or weapon that needs lots of testing to make sure it’s balanced.

Once the battle pass came out and got all the negative feedback and attention, someone should have came up with a strategy to pump the pass with new content and make it give out an extra reward (skin, etc.) at every level and add goals to boost XP gain. Instead, it seems like Respawn is simply taking the hit on the chin and are waiting for their next battle pass to implement all the good shit their dwindling audience desires. Will this be too little too late? It’s hard to say. They are a free-to-play game so it’s easy for people to jump in and see what’s happening. I get the sense that Apex is for an older audience compared to Fortnight, so perhaps these players with more of a disposable income are just going to move on to a different game, that’s exactly what I did. And no, that game was not Anthem.