PlayStation 5 Launch

It’s been a crazy few weeks for me. Moved to Japan during a crazy pandemic, had to be restricted and not able to leave my residence for 16 days, and finally got all my household items after being without them for three months. Here we are though, the cusp of a new console generation.

I went through a ridiculous process to get my Bestbuy preorder when sites started to just jump the gun and start releasing pre orders early. I was hoping for an Amazon one, but I’m a little glad I didn’t. So I was able to get a pre order and was going to ship it to my brother since I didn’t have an actual mailing address until just a week or two ago. I then found out that Bestbuy wouldn’t even let me change my mailing address since their website sucks so bad.

In spite of all that, I went to my local store on the launch day, which was a day in the future for me because of my location, and saw a huge preorder pickup line a couple hours before the store opened. I went home disappointed and started unpacking more of the house, resigned to wait for my mail to get to me, whenever that was.

Fifteen minutes before the store opened I decided to just go check it out since it’s only about a five minute walk away. As I rounded the corner and saw the line, it seemed a lot smaller than the one in the morning. Then I noticed that it was snaking around this time. I crept up to the back of the line and ended up just standing in the back of the line, about 100 people in front of me leading into the store. Within a few minutes of waiting a lady from the store came out and started handing out slips, she had counted the inventory and wanted to ensure that people in line could get a system and to help organize everything. She’d walk through the line and grab a small stack of slips out of her pocket, then dip back in and grab a few more, it was very misleading and a bit cheeky.

To my surprise, she made it to me and pulled out a fresh slip from her pocket and bestowed me with the ability to buy a console. Granted, I had already paid for my first console months ago when Bestbuy snatched the money from me. The preorder still said it hadn’t even shipped yet, just processing. My anxiety turned to excitement and then more anxiety. What if they only had the digital editions by the time I got in the store and could buy one? I definitely did not want one of those, although I was trying to convince myself that I could use an extra console in the bedroom. So I scanned the box of everyone coming out of the store, they all had the slots on the image, perhaps that was all the inventory they received. I was starting to feel better and better.

Once i was in the store, they’d only allow three people in at a time to keep social distancing, I was able to hand over my little piece of paper and pick up my PS5 from a stack of about 40 that they had left. I quickly got in line, there was no need to buy any accessories or games, and paid for my system. To my surprise they rang it up at 479.99 with no tax. It wasn’t that bad. I’m probably going to go all digital with this console since my internet it so good here, and I don’t have a data cap or anything like that to worry about.

It’s been a long road to get to this point.

I quickly walked home and unboxed the console and hooked it up to my 65” LG OLED in the living room. I have it standing up and kind of tucked behind my tv which I actually like a lot. I went through the setup process, decided not to transfer any saves or setting from my PS4 Pro, you can do it later so it’s all good, and just used the PlayStation app to scan the QR Code and sign in that way. Then I jumped to the store, saw that there were only a small handful of PS5 games available and that I could only preorder the games I wanted. I still had until the afternoon for them to be unlocked and played. I got the Spider-Man Miles Morales with the remaster of the first game and Demon’s Souls. They downloaded really fast, perhaps Sony has fixed their download speed issue that they’re known for. I was able to download both games in under an hour.

Tucked slightly behind my TV. I’ll probably move it further behind and I do some more cable management.

I then went and downloaded a few other games like Bugsnax and some PS4 games to test out. The interesting thing I found was that my PS4 games downloaded a lot slower than the PS5 titles. Not sure what was happening with that or if they upgraded their CDN for this generation.

So I then jumped right into Astros Playroom and got my hands on the new controller, it was an impressive showcase of what the controller can do, not necessarily of the console hardware. That can be left to other games like Demons Souls I suppose. I then bounced into Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls just to get a small taste.

All in all, a surprisingly good launch day for PS5 for me. I feel lucky to get one for myself and another for my brother. It’s really shitty that people are already trying to scalp systems on eBay. This has sort of revitalized my enthusiasm for playing games on my console, now I’m just looking forward to getting into the games and the system and truly seeing what this next generation of consoles are all about.