Halo Infinite Delay

Can we just talk about Halo Infinite for a minute?

What the hell is going on with this game? I’m just going to say it, I don’t think 343 Industries really know what they are doing. Yeah, that’s a shitty thing to say and kind of unfair and all that, sure. They’ve been developing this game for going on 5 years and the video they showed is all they got? Perhaps it’s a directive from Microsoft that they need to be targeting all the consoles, which includes the original XBox One, but they just need to stop.

I don’t want to get into a console war discussion or anything like that, but this was going to be their big launch game for their new console! And now it’s pushed out, hopefully to drop the current gen version and to focus on improving the visuals for next gen. Give us a reason to buy your expensive ass console Microsoft! Make it an event, make it exciting! It’s so annoying that they are just crapping this thing out without a tentpole game.

I’m not sure what it would feel like if I was truly excited to buy a Microsoft console again. It’s been a while since I’ve really been excited about buying a console exclusive game of theirs. I’d love that to happen, I truly would. Instead all I’m thinking about is taking that console money and upgrading my 2070 Super graphics card to whatever new thing is going to be released this year. If the single player of Halo Infinite turns out to be something, I’ll just pick up game pass for a month and play it on there.

Perhaps Microsoft just doesn’t want to compete in the console market anymore. Are they shifting their strategy to just services? They’re going to lose me faster than Stadia did if that’s the case.

Watch the video clip they had and look at this guys shoulder seam…It boggles my mind that they’d use a joint like this in a modern game.

Listen Microsoft, focus on your first party games and the next generation of consoles. Nobody wants to play a game made for the original Xbox One in 2020. Put out serious games with no micro transactions, with amazing graphics that are compelling to play, and that are purely exclusive to your new console. Leverage the next gen hardware you’ve already invested in, give us reason to game with you. If Sony has faster hard drive access speeds, show us why your speed is good enough and why the added GPU and CPU power you have in your console makes your console a place we want to game. You’re losing the battle before it even begins. Don’t focus on the idiots at IGN with their 2020 console battle watch, or whatever the fuck they call it, nobody is paying attention to that shit anyway. Be competitive, invest in first party, launch with quality single player games, blow our minds with graphics, and you’ll have converted me back into your console market. If not, I don’t care just like you, and I’ll give you 5-20 dollars next year in a subscription fee to play a couple of your games since that’s all you want anyways. If you’re lucky I’ll forget to cancel for a month or two and make your shareholders happy for a second, but at least someone will be.