Far Cry 6 – Review

So I just beat Far Cry 6, well that’s not true, I did this all last December. Because I’m awesome I completed the story and got the platinum trophy for it just to show off. I was really hesitant on playing another Far Cry game, especially if Ubisoft wasn’t going to change up the formula in some drastic way. I just felt like I was tired of the formula. I was tired of these styles of story and tired of running around a big open world where I had to collect shit every 15 feet. So what changed? I guess it started when I finally decided to go back to Far Cry New Dawn a little bit ago, I started it a long time ago on PC and just stopped completely. This time I decided that I’ll just skip all cutscenes and try to liberated the bases and complete the story, that’s it. I hated the story in 6 and New Dawn, so skipping the story made me appreciate the gameplay more. It made me realize that I do love the gunplay in these games, it feels good to snipe and headshot people in video games, who would have thought?

Best way to take out an anti aircraft gun, fly in with a wingsuit, switch to your parachute, pull out your NASA rocket launcher and blow it up from on high.

So that was the start, I then had to wait for a good enough sale to even consider getting this game. Ubisoft games always go on sale soon after release and we had black Friday coming up, so it was in one of those game hauls that I got this game. I picked it up for just 35$, not bad.

This game surprised me, a lot. The biggest surprise I had was that I actually liked the story. It’s not the greatest thing ever, but I didn’t skip the cutscenes when they happened. I guess I wanted to see where things went, even if I didn’t care about a good amount of the characters and their arcs. That was a big win for me, I get really tired of the villain’s in these games, they’re made out to be such legendary characters, like Vaas was ever this great character (he wasn’t). Or let’s look at Far Cry 5 and the whole religious cult aspect, that’s a trope I just can’t stand, I don’t want to hear people preaching in real life let alone a video game.

In Far Cry 6, you start out picking a gender for your character, of course I went with female. She’s a beautiful woman named Dany Rojas that has probably murdered over a thousand people, so she’s a bit of a mass murderer. Just try not to hold that against her. After that you start getting set up on the plot and what’s going on in this world, they give you a small island, which is actually big, for you to run around and get your bearings in. You get a taste of everything the game has to offer here. Your weapons start out pretty basic and you can craft parts to customize them, starting with cheap suppressors that stop working after a few shots.

I enjoyed the introductory area of the game, but then it breaks off into the meat of this chalupa, the big island. Here is where the freedom really kicks in. The main island is broken down into three major areas, that you’re free to roam between, with each group being lead by different resistance fighters. Your job is to go to each group, help them out, and try to convince them to join Libertad to take down the big bad guy, Anton Castillo. He’s basically using the population of the country as slave labor to grow and produce a cancer medication that is only found on this island.

The world of Far Cry 6

What I actually love about this game is something that I sort of hate about this game. Now that’s something intriguing! I feel like you’re hooked now, so let me explain. Maybe a third of my way into my playthrough I had a rifle that I added different modifications to, it had a nice suppressor on it, armor piercing rounds, things like that. (Check the pic below, it’s the gun pointing at the bulls balls.) I’d mess with the scope to try out different ranges, and I’d changed the ornament that hung off the side all the time, so that was fun. The hang up is that I loved this gun so much because of what it could do. I could literally scope out a compound and headshot enemies, killing each one in a single shot to the head. It was a click-delete tool. Having armor piercing rounds, which are very easy to unlock, equipped, meant that any of the higher ranking enemies would get all the armor blown off their head in one shot and the bullet would hit their dome. There was rarely a moment when an enemy would survive a clean shot to their head. Perhaps I just needed to up the difficulty level or something, but it felt so good so stop judging!

My favorite gun looking at sum bulls balls. nothing to see here.

It’s hard to really argue with the feeling you get from head shotting people with a rifle in a Far Cry game. I’d love to see a stat on how many headshot kills I got, the ratio must be insane. I would eventually equip a nice little handgun with a suppressor and use that as a backup. I don’t like that I was able to stick to my setup for so long, it carried me all the way to the end of the game. The only things I switched out were my explosive weapons, which were critical for destroying anti aircraft guns and helping with tanks. I’d also need to pull out my heavy machine gun to deal with the annoying ass helicopters.

Early into the game you’re given what’s called a Suprimo weapon, it was a big selling point in all the media leading up to release. It’s a big ass weapon that you have strapped to your back all the time. It can do various things like launch rockets or create an EMP depending on the model you have equipped. I only really used them in the beginning of the game, before I started using a six shot grenade launcher, after I got that I really had no desire to even try my Suprimo anymore. Again, maybe on a higher difficulty setting I’d need to rely on that more. It’s not a big knock to the game, just a weird inclusion considering how inconsequential it was is to my gameplay.


The first thing I just have to talk about in regards to the presentation of this game is that there was so much screen tearing. I don’t think I’ve seen a game tear this much in a long time, especially on console. I was playing on PS5 and it felt like it was hitting a clean 60fps at all times, I really do think it’s a rendering error on the game engine and not because the console is struggling to keep up with the frames. A lot of people are reporting this issue on all the consoles so I don’t see why Ubisoft still hasn’t patched this out, it’s not a good look. (I wonder if the VRR update fixed this issue)

What is a good look though, is the way this game looks! It’s a really pretty looking game. The vistas stretch out as far as you can see, you can hop into a helicopter, fly all the way up, jump out and glide across the map and seamlessly land in a completely different area of the island and it all looks seamless. The guns are highly detailed, the character models all look really good, the animation quality is pretty good for a Ubisoft title. It did feel like a step-up from the last game and I can’t wait to see what a proper next generation Far Cry game will bring to the table.

It’s the final countdown!

Final Score 8.8

This is not a revolutionary title in open-world shooters, it’s not even a crazy take on the Far Cry formula, but it is an enjoyable experience that gives me hope towards the future of the series. I really did like this game, something I thought was not going to be possible due to burnout on the series. I liked the character I played as, I liked taking over bases, something anyone close to the series will understand. I actually felt a connection to the weapons I customized and used for hours on end. It would have been nice to not have a bunch of collection trophies, but I was able to use a guide and fast travel around the map to clean them up relatively quickly, which was a bonus of the next gen consoles. I wish the expansions for this game weren’t based on the villains’ of the old games, that just makes me not want to play them. I would think about playing this game on a harder difficulty in coop with my brother though, that could be really fun.

Supremo weapons and a butt.

Oh! One last thing, I nearly forgot. This game has no big drug hallucination scenes in it like all the prior games. That was something I was really tired of doing and was not looking forward to. Let’s fuck up the screen and have you fight invisible animals and shit while a disenchanted voice speaks to you, fuck that. I mean, there is one point that I remember where you do have to shoot at a ghost image of a person because you got a little poisoned, but it only lasted like 20 seconds and you just run through it all. So that’s an improvement we should mention.

Resident Evil Village – Review

I played this game a couple months ago and I’m just trying to get down some of my thoughts on the game before they leave my frail mind.

I kind of love the direction these Resident Evil games and remakes have been going lately. I just love the length of the titles. I like how the first time you play the game it takes X amount of hours, but you can get trophies for playing them over and over with different win conditions. It kind of unlocks a meta to the game that I’m not typically privy to. I’ve talked about this before, but the almost speedrun quality to the game really becomes apparent and it’s actually something that draws me into the game more.

The first time you play RE8, the story and setting really draw you into the world. It’s a continuation of the events from REVII and you play as the same character. I really felt invested in my character and his progression through this small village and the people that inhabit it. I like the mystery and sense of discovery available to you as you explore. I loved the character progression and upgrading of weapons at the Duke.

I wont try to avoid spoilers since this game has been out for a while, and I’m saying right now that I may spoil some stuff down below.

The first thing you notice about this game if you play on the PS5 is just how fast the loading times are. It’s so great to jump into a save in two seconds. From a playability standpoint, that’s an amazing feature and one I want all games to have.

I also really like the combat and the feel of the weapons as you battle the creatures of the village. It just works really well. I guess I kind of lost a lot of my nitpicky thoughts on this title, but I have to say that I was really pleased with my experience playing it.

I don’t think that’s how a shirt is cut… Just saying.

I’ve become a huge fan of these recent RE releases, including the remakes. I love slowly going through my first playthrough and looking in every corner for pickups and secrets. Then immediately playing through the story again to get a few more achievements while cutting down my time to just a couple of hours. Then going for the next run where you don’t open your item box or some shit like that. I like the fact that you can cheese those runs by unlocking overpowered weapons and the ability to turn on infinite ammo. They make it fun, they allow you to feel like you’re getting one over on the developers and tricking the system.

Let me just say that the one thing I do remember about this game is the fucking Mercenaries mode. If you’re going for that Platinum trophy you know what I’m talking about. You have to beat all the levels at increasing difficulty while S ranking the stages. It’s one of those things that when you start making attempts you just think it’s an impossible task and that you’re just going to fail, which you will. You clear the first set of challenges and have to go up a level and say “fuck it”. I would just stop the game for the night and attempt it the next day. On the highest difficulty Mercenaries challenges, I would watch YouTube videos of routing and try to follow along with them. It was a challenge, one that I ultimately came to respect, but don’t wish to attempt again. I did have fun with it but it really did make me wonder if I should continue down the trophy path.

Final Review – 9.0

I’m just a huge fan of this series and the direction the team is going with these games. They have a game engine that feels great to play around in and it looks beautiful. I can’t wait for the inevitable remake of RE4. Do you think the women will get even bigger in the next game though?

Call of Duty: WWII – Review

Another day, another Call of Duty campaign in the books. This is just a little review of the single player portion of this game since I don’t care to play the multiplayer at all. It will also be super short because what can you say about another Call of Duty game after you’ve just played one of them?

Get ready for some man mood.

This game was pretty damn good. So I have a long history of playing both Medal of Honor and Call of Duty, starting with the Playstation 1 version of Medal of Honor. So when I say that WWII first person shooters holds a nice little spot in my heart, I mean it. I forgot the feeling you get out of playing an FPS based on that war, it’s seemed to have gone out of fashion in the past decade or so. I didn’t even think about it until this game loaded up and I had a M1 Garand in my hands and then switched that over to the M1A1 Carbine. Oh man, the weapons in this game are what make it so good. Perhaps any game that gets the firing, sound effects, and handling of these weapons right will be good enough for me. The weapons are all awesome and feel right, along with the great controls and sound effects. It just gets the feel of what one of these games needs to be. Fire off the 8 rounds in your Garand and hear the ting noise that is so iconic, its perfect. So we’re doing good so far.

Do you heard the call? The call of duty?

The story was enough to keep me engaged and entertained throughout the twelve stages of the campaign. I was a little worried when it starts with the beach landing, since it seems like well-worn territory, but it quickly moves through that and gets into the mainland of Europe. While I wasn’t really invested in the main story, it actually drew my attention more than other games in the series. I attribute this to the different actors used for the characters and the way they look in the game. More modern entries in the series make a lot of the squad-mates look similar and I kind of don’t care about them. The group story also helps in making the squad feel like a real unit of guys going on missions.

All that’s really left after this is the levels and what they have to offer. They’re good looking and offer some nice opportunities to shoot Nazis to your hearts content, which is fun. I really don’t have many complaints about the levels in this game, they are entertaining and keep the action moving. You get spots where you can snipe with your Kar98, which feel great. You just have to love sniping with these weapons and lining up shots with the iron sites of the guns.

I’m not going into some deep-dive on the levels and the story, because I just don’t care to do that. I think I will play this game again at some point, it’s a bit hard to go back to the older WWII games in the series since they’re so old. I just have a soft spot for this era, add that to the smooth gameplay and high production value single player campaign and you have a winner in my book. I wish the trophy list just covered the single player though (which isn’t likely to ever happen), I’d probably go for the platinum if it did.

Final Score – 9.0

Hrmm… the same score I gave to the last game, seems a bit shady if you ask me. I would have put this a few points lower, but I just love those guns and would play the game again just to run around shooting Nazis with my favorite weapons. So if you love classic guns, love shooting Nazis, what the fuck are you waiting for?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered – Review

If you ever want to see a stark contrast between the quality of two games, try playing Star Wars Battlefront II and then play this game. This game only has the single player portion of MW2, which is all I wanted from it. That’s because I only play the single player portion of the Call of Duty games so this was perfect for me.

Time keeps on ticking.

I’m going to keep this little review short and sweet. I played through the whole campaign in one day, just like I did with Battlefront II. The game just feels right. Activision and the studios working on the CoD games, along with the engine they utilize to build these games, are just a winning combination for this style of game. The shooting, running, and aiming all work in beautiful harmony with the controller to make the action feel just right.

Sometimes it’s nice to not have sprawling maps with quests and shit like that to have to worry about.

The variety of weapons that you pick up are all distinct in firing, as well as the animations and sound FX that go along with them. I noticed that I would get attached to the performance and shooting patterns of certain weapons and would carry them along with me through a mission. It makes the experience feel more personal. There is also something to keeping the load-out you start a mission with throughout the mission. It feels more like your characters personal weapons; why would you want to lose those during a mission?

The campaign is really strong in this game, easily making it my favorite of the ones that I can remember. The story is pretty strong as well, even though I wasn’t really focused on it all the time. The last time I played this game was about a decade ago and I still remembered some of the levels. The only thing that is missing from this remaster, for me, is the Spec Ops mode. I loved playing the Spec Ops challenges in single player mode, trying to get all the stars for each level on my own was a fun challenge.

Final Score – 9.0

The single player campaign is great. It’s one of the best linear FPS campaigns you can play. Sometimes it’s nice to not have sprawling maps with quests and shit like that to have to worry about. Focus on the feel of combat, action set pieces, and feeling like a badass.

Star Wars Battlefront II – Review

This is a review for the single player content in the game. I had no intention of playing the multiplayer so don’t even worry about any of that.

Wow, this game is not good at all. I’ll start with what I did actually like about it, and that was the story. I liked it in comparison to the gameplay that is. The story is interesting, kind of, but they just didn’t give it the time it needed to actually be good. There are interesting parts to it, the cinematics are all nicely done, the characters look pretty good, and the set pieces are all what you think about with the Star Wars brand. They just fucked it up on the execution. See, I’m already getting into negatives.

So the story moves way too fast, they don’t give anything time to breath so you end up not giving a shit about what happens. The story is supposed to focus around the main woman, Iden Versio, as she goes from Empire special forces to the Rebellion, and her life after that. That should have been the main focus of the whole single player campaign, focus on her story and the cool missions she goes on. Instead, you play a bit of her, then you bounce back and force through every major Star Wars character that was ever created. It’s so infuriating that they keep feeling the need to satisfy fans desire to walk in the shoes of Han Solo or Lando. It doesn’t serve the story in any way, outside of one mission where you hook up with Luke.

The integration of story into the gameplay was also pretty weak, but that has to do with the way levels are structured. There are scenes where they try to merge storytelling into what’s going on, but I was able to quickly discover the tricks used. For instance, you’re sneaking through the Rebel’s ship and come into a room where they’re giving a briefing. You’re supposed to sneak behind a low wall and into the next room, just stand up and act a fool, nobody will care. I know other games do this, but this game is just blatant about it. Which leads into…

The game doesn’t care what you do.

The enemy AI. Let’s talk about this for a moment since this is the biggest issue I had with the game. I haven’t seen enemy AI like this since Goldeneye on the N64. These are the dumbest enemies I’ve fought against in a really long time. Usually you don’t even notice the AI or think about it being a system, which is a good thing, the AI in this game is a bad thing. These enemies are literally the dumbest people in the galaxy.

There was an odd disconnect that I had with the AI that came about from fighting as Iden against the Rebellion. I think it’s because the Rebels are supposed to be the good guys, yet they acted so dumb. If they were the real enemy, I think it would have been more appropriate, and might not have stood out as much. It’d be like dumb bad guys in action movies that are just cannon fodder. Instead, these systems just lead into a game full of dumb AI. The enemy will constantly just run at you like a bot from Perfect Dark. They funnel in doorways, one after another as you just mow them down. Flanking maneuvers? The Division 2 level of formation and coordination of enemies? Nope, just dumb fodder to be mowed down, so boring and broken. You can tell this game wasn’t made for single player.

Oh man, this train of thought then leads into the boring ass level design and mission structure. Talk about a hack job. Games like Call of Duty build interesting single player levels and then use those assets to build their multiplayer maps. This game, you can tell, did the complete opposite. Let’s have multiplayer levels from these locations from the movies, then let’s force the story to have to visit all these locations because we built some assets for them. The levels all feel like multiplayer maps, in that they’re boring and uninteresting, and usually really short. If you get into a little bespoke area, you’re definitely going to revisit it at another point in the level, or perhaps in a future level also.

This all just goes to show that the single player was an afterthought to the game design. This is not Battlefield Hardline, which was actually a good single player game. You can play the game in first or third person, the first person felt off, so I stuck with third for the whole game. Why spend the money on the single player cinematics then? Perhaps it was just for the marketing material of the game. I do remember they were pushing a lot of the story when the game was launching, showing off the real actors and how they captured them for the game. It was just a ruse, they spent the money there and not in the actual single player part of the game that you play. This is an EA game, let’s not forget.

Cinematics look good at least.

One more thing I’d like to shit on is the glitches. I’d kill enemies in this game and they’d do one of two things. The first thing they’d do is lay on the ground as if they’re dead, then all of a sudden, they’d spring up from the ground and fall back down; this would happen constantly throughout the mission. The most annoying part of this was just trying to keep an awareness of the battlefield and knowing where enemies are coming from. You’d get a lot of weird peripheral movement of corpses flipping out around you, this made spotting real enemies harder than it should have been. The other glitch that I’d get is that every enemy I’d kill would just pretend like gravity didn’t exist and they’d just start floating into the sky. So I’d kill a hoard of enemies and look around to see them all floating in the air.

Was I supposed to be in space this whole time?

The flying levels were good, in that they looked good and felt good to play. The mission structure was just poorly designed and boring. This game is just so uninspired! Why did they waste all this potential?! It just kind of pisses you off while you play this. If they just focused on having one good story, center it around Iden, and give her a real single player experience this would have been something. Instead, what we get is a mess of a single player game that is only meant to produce cinematics for marketing purposes.

I know Iden, this was my face while playing too.

Final Score (single player only) – 5.0

There are nuggets of good in the story, you just really have to look for them and block out the rest. At least I didn’t pay for it and it was over relatively quick. EA didn’t care about this content, so why should anyone else. Hard pass on this, go play Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order instead.

Modern Warfare Remastered

Modern Warfare was initially released all the way back in 2007, over ten years ago. Back then I played it on a laptop and really loved it, even got my dad to play it since he’d dable in a first-person shooter every now and then. The sands of time have fallen and I’d think less and less of the original “modern” CoD game, with brief glimpses in my mind of levels like Death From Above where you fly a drone blowing the shit out of the enemies from above.

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare – Cap. Price

Booting up the remastered version on my PS4 felt very nostalgic. It looked better than I remembered it looking. Not by much at first but then I checked out what the original looked like and damn, your mind really can fill in the blanks and make older shit seem a lot cooler than it was.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – Night Missions

The game was included with PS+ and since I loved it so much I was down. I decided to go straight for the platinum since I looked it up and there were no online trophies so I was good to go. It took me less than 24 hours to plow through everything and get that shiny plat. Don’t take that as it’s a cakewalk either…

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – Oops, we fucked up

But first, let me talk about the gameplay. While the game is over a decade old it really does hold up to modern games, which shows just how on-point they got the feel of shooting in first person. All the weapons feel really tight to control and everything is just very satisfying to shoot. Enemies aren’t bullet sponges but will go down in a few hits, or a nice head-shot. Even on the hardest difficulty.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – Nice environments

Playing on the hardest difficulty is where the issues really begin for me. Granted, this isn’t that major of a complaint, it’s unbalanced but it’s a short game so who cares? On some of the levels you just get surrounded by enemies and one shot will kill you quick. On one of the levels, right at the end, you’re carrying your injured sniper partner, you put him down and then have to wait for a chopper to come in to pick both of you up. Well, you have to defend your point while waves of enemies repel in from helicopters and swarm in from doors of building. It is one of the most insane, unbalanced, unfair, sections of a game that I’ve played in a long time.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – Sniping mission! There should have been more of this.

I ended up just laying down in a wooden booth as grenade after grenade landed all around my booth blowing up, you move out a little and you’d get shot. It took a lot of tries and patience to work through and luck myself to victory. It’s some serious bullshit, and if you got the plat also then I guess we’re blood brothers now.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Hiding my ass off, no shame

I didn’t care for the story that much, It didn’t keep my interest and I’d skip everything if I could. It’s just a solid, short campaign that gets you in and out of the fun. Don’t expect a grand adventure with multiple paths that you can play forever, just a well made action movie game.

Final score – 8.2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – Training time!

If I was going to throw a score on the game now, this is about what I’d give it. Nothing wrong with an 8, I’d start the game up right now and play some more. I had no interest in the multiplayer, just bumming around up in that single player goodness.