Monstress – When Love at First Sight Turns Into a Catfish

The art in Monstress is just so good! Why couldn’t the comic just be a lot better? That’s all I could think about it as I struggled to plow through the first three issues of this comic.

This is so frustrating. I started trying to read Monstress, a comic that I was drawn to because of the amazing art. If you just flip through an issue and look at it, the characters are all beautiful. It’s dripping with so much style, how can you not love it?!

I’ll tell you how, try reading the first three issues of this series. I looked up reviews before reading and people loved it and talked about how it started off slow and took a while to get really good. The premise and everything seem really cool, from what I could understand. Don’t worry, they have a recap of the last issue at the beginning of each comic, that helps in understanding just what the fuck you read in the last issue.

I just have a fundamental issue with the way the comic is written. Let’s take the two different sides and the social-political structure of this fantasy world, okay. Let’s break it down and have a little section where we give the reader a way to understand the landscape in a logical manner, one where they understand the plights of these creatures that are being used as parts for whatever it is. So now the reader knows what the situation is and can relate to the main protagonist and understand her motivations and can see just how hard her journey is going to be. Let’s just be given some sort of reference from the writer of the story.

Or lets not. Don’t give us anything. Make it all really confusing and boring. Make all this beautiful artwork and story ideas, because there are good story ideas in here, but let’s take all that and just ruin it by structuring the words in such a way as to make the reader fall asleep.

The comic really needs to get a good editor another author on board, someone who can structure the story in a more coherent manner. Perhaps they need to do a soft reboot of the book and structure things out better. I just can’t even with this series. I stopped in the third issue and don’t think I’ll go back.

But that artwork is so fucking good!

If looks could kill