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  • The Last of Us Part 1 – Review

    The Last of Us Part 1 – Review

    I wasn’t sure if I should buy this game just yet, mostly because of the price Sony is charging for it. Yes, I’m one of those people that feel a bad way about the 70$ price point of newer games. My local store had the game for 65$ which took a bit of the bite…

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  • Resident Evil 5 – Review

    Resident Evil 5 – Review

    Hot off the heels of Resident Evil 4 comes Resident Evil 5, originally released on the PlayStation 3. It’s a great action game that feels like an evolution of the formula establish with 4, but skews even more towards an action game. You play the game as Sheva and Chris, two mercenary’s that are ready…

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  • Doki Doki Literature Club – Review?

    Doki Doki Literature Club – Review?

    This is one of those games a lot of people on the internet talk about and vaguely mention how the story goes in a direction they weren’t expecting. The thing they tend not to mention is that its a tad forgettable. To understand where I’m coming from, I played this game a few months ago…

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  • Doom Eternal – Review

    Doom Eternal – Review

    Doom Eternal is a shooter ass shooter. It has one of the smoothest sensations of locomotion in a video game that I’ve felt in a long time. You effortlessly run around your environment ripping and tearing and blowing Hellspawn to bits. It’s a great feeling shooter that should satisfy just about everyone’s craving to rip…

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  • Shenmue 2 – Review

    Shenmue 2 – Review

    I originally played through Shenmue 2 on the XBox when it came out in 2001, so it’s been a solid 20 years since I last checked in on Ryo Hazuki. The most interesting part of playing this game is just how small and insignificant it makes the first game feel, which I wasn’t expecting. That’s…

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  • Shenmue – Review

    Shenmue – Review

    When Shenmue came out on December 29, 1999, you bet I was ready to play it. Who didn’t see the trailer as a kid and say “I want to experience a F.R.E.E. game?!”. If you don’t know the history of all this. The Director of the game, Yu Suzuki, created a brand new genre that…

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  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition (PS5) – Review

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition (PS5) – Review

    Having played the original Mass Effect on the XBox 360 when it came out, the second game on PC, and not having a solid memory of playing the third game on anything, I had to pick this collection up. This was a day one purchase and a series I truly enjoyed replaying. Over the years…

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  • Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) – Review

    Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) – Review

    I played this game back at the end of January of this year and just needed to put some words down about it. I did play this game when it was first released on the Playstation 2, and I still have my copy locked up with my old games. It was originally released back in…

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  • Days Gone – Review

    Days Gone – Review

    This is one of those PlayStation first party games that I didn’t think I’d ever play. It’s hard getting the motivation to play open-world games, especially if you already play each new Assassin’s Creed game that comes out. Add that to the growing list of other games, like Ghost of Tsushima, Red Dead Redemption 2,…

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  • Resident Evil 3 (remake) – Review

    Resident Evil 3 (remake) – Review

    I ran through this game in just a couple of days and got the platinum trophy on it before Cyberpunk 2077 hit. I was able to get it for cheap in a PlayStation Sale and just had to go through it since I loved the Resident Evil 2 Remake so much. Now, I haven’t played…

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