Steep? More Like, I’ll Stop

Anybody play this game?

Anybody enjoy it?

This was a free PSN game for January and I thought I’d give it a shot and see what it was all about. And I figured it out fairly quickly.

To sum up: Steep is a Ubisoft collect-a-thon for mountain sports.

STEEP – Just pick somewhere, it doesn’t matter.

It wasn’t that it’s a bad game or anything, it works for what it’s trying to do. It gives you a crazy large map where you can go anywhere and do anything whenever you want. There are also challenges for different types of sports all over the place, which is great if you’re into this. I enjoyed it for the few hours I played of it, but then I realized there’s no point for any of it. I need a bit more motivation in my games to pull me through to the end.

It’s like, go to this spot and get the gold medal, didn’t get it the first time? Try again until you do. Then you pop open the map and there are 20 more spots you can do the same thing at. So you go over to them all and get golds and discover even more places to do those tasks. It’s just a big sandbox where you can explore the mechanics of the game. I could see my brother and I as kids dominating this game over a few weekends of rentals. As an adult, it’s too much busy work and not enough story and motivation to get me to commit to this product.

STEEP – The graphics are great, that snow is pretty nice.

It feels like what would happen if Ubisoft made an Assassin’s Creed game and took out all the plot, characters and missions. Then just put the player in the middle of the map with a bunch of places to warp to in order to assassinate a different person at each one. It doesn’t seem fleshed out.

STEEP – The goal is to crash the best.

So not for me, but cheers if you like it.