The Hype of Google Stadia

When Stadia was first announced, the first thing I thought was that the name was dumb, but then I thought that streaming games from Google was dumb. I watched their presentation and started to see some of the possibilities that a service like this could provide. It actually got me really excited for a short span of time. If they could merge multiple sets of their server hardware. It’d be like combining the power of two PC’s together to create some truly next-generation gaming images which would have been amazing.

I knew the lag would always be an issue, having tried other streaming services and even playing a Vita streaming from my PS4 in the same house. Stadia’s lag ends up being about 40-45ms at it’s best, which isn’t that great but with certain games you can get used to it.

The most insane part about their lineup and what has brought on the most disappointment in the service is that the games don’t even run at 4k and they aren’t maxed out on the visuals. That includes the 4k paid version of Stadia. It’s just a massively miscalculated launch of a service. I’m not sure why the people running this are making these horrible decisions but they’re basically ruining the potential of cloud-based gaming. I get that, over time, everything will improve but why would they launch in this state? Why would you call your paid service 4k and not even deliver a true 4k image?

It’s a bit funny that Microsoft and Sony have been worrying about Google and what they were going to bring to the gaming market. They don’t have to worry anymore, we’ve all seen what they can do and it’s not even 4k, let alone 60FPS. And don’t even get me started on the image quality they push through…