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  • The Return

    The Return

    It’s been a while since I last updated the site, as you can tell. I promise I had a good reason for it. I was wrapping up my degree and preparing to move all at the same time. I just had a lot on my plate and my school was taking up almost all of…

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  • The Last of Us 2 – Delayed FOREVER!!!

    The Last of Us 2 – Delayed FOREVER!!!

    What an interesting time to be alive. The Last of Us 2 has been delayed once again, this time it’s for an indefinite period of time. That just means they don’t know when they want to put it out. It’s an interesting strategy, that’s for sure. To me, it does seem like more people are…

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  • Ultimate Doom Review

    Ultimate Doom Review

    This is going to be a short review of Ultimate Doom for the PC. I don’t feel a need to inflate the score because of the history of the product and what it did for gaming as a whole, because it’s not 1993 (or 1995 when Ultimate Doom was released), so that aspect doesn’t feel…

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  • The Division 2 – Review

    The Division 2 – Review

    I am one of those Division players that skipped the first game entirely and played the 2nd one completely solo. Do you know how that makes me feel? No? Well I’ll tell you. Fucking great. The most surprising thing that I discovered while playing this game is that after the first “cinematic” that gives some…

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  • The Games of 2019 That I Feel a Need to Play (but don’t want to)

    The Games of 2019 That I Feel a Need to Play (but don’t want to)

    We reached the end of another year and another decade. A lot of games have been released and I know that I definitely didn’t have enough time to play every one of them. There are a bunch of them out there that I feel a need to play, either to be a part of the…

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  • The Cost of Gaming

    The Cost of Gaming

    Let’s talk about the pricing structure of video games. The mainstream price of a “AAA” game has been 60 USD since longer than most people out there can remember. I remember a PS1 game coming out at 50$ and then the N64 game was 60$. The fun thing was, with tax, a N64 game would…

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  • Ugh…What to Play?!

    Ugh…What to Play?!

    Just trying to figure out what game to play next. Trying to get through a lot of the DLC type crap I bought a while ago, so might continue on that journey. I just finished up all the remaining trophies for AC Origins and the DLC. I have AC Odyssey going in the background also,…

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  • Marvel’s Spider-Man

    Marvel’s Spider-Man

    Right off the bat my first impression of this game was that Peter Parker looks like a shitty character. I didn’t like the design of him at all. That kind of grows on you, meaning that you stop trying to think about how dumb he looks and just focus on the man in the spidey…

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  • Keeping it Real

    Keeping it Real

    Just a quick update on what’s been going on. I’ve had a bit of a break from video games for a while now, for over a month, going on two. Family visited us and we did a lot of traveling in Europe during that time. It actually felt good and a little liberating to not…

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