Playstation Conference Today @ 1PM PDT

Sony is going to have their next PS5 conference today at 1PM PDT. They say that it’s a 40 minute presentation that is focused on first and third party launch window titles. Let’s just hope that they have something else up their sleeve. It has nothing to do with Microsoft and the leaks and announcements that have been going on over there, it’s just that it’s time to get the ball rolling with this shit.

They need to put out their price for the systems and nail down the release date, perhaps even open up preorders or give us a time and date to expect that to happen. The release date is a no-brainer, it’s going to be around November 10th, just like Microsoft. I think they should push for the Friday before (at least) just to get out ahead and to take the news coverage and spotlight from Microsoft. I say that out of a strategic mindset and if I was running the show and wanted to destroy my competitor. Games are already changing their launch days to match up with Microsofts date, so it’d be silly not to hit that at least for Sony.

They need to announce the price, they can’t be holding out or thinking about if they have the right number still, after all this. It needs to come in at 499 for the disk version, they might try to push for 549 but I do think that would be a strategic mistake on their part. The optics just wouldn’t look good, even if their memory solution is more expensive and technically better, they have less of it and a slightly less powerful machine compared to the Series X.

I’m also wondering how much the headphones and everything else are going to cost, so I’d love to see them price all that and put out preorder information and everything on them. They really should start showing off the system and the interface and how PS4 games will work on it. I just can’t wait to get into a new hardware generation since it’s been so long with this one. They might have another conference in mind to show off the hardware and interface, give a date and price, but that just seems wrong. Unless it’s like this Friday or something.

Oh yea, can we also get an announcement about a PS5 patch or whatever for The Last of Us 2? I’m looking to play through it again and will probably wait until I can do it on the PS5 (unless they just don’t say anything about it). The multiplayer mode is rumored, and that has to be coming to PS5, so it’d be nice to play it at 4k 60 fps if possible, or even 1800p 30 fps with ray tracing.

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