PS5 Preorder(ed)

What a shit-show this was. After the PS5 Showcase yesterday it was announced that preorders will go up the following day. Then retailer after retailer started just opening up their preorders and letting people flood in. This meant that people that really wanted one and are Sony fans were basically mislead.

I started doing other things after the conference and only stumbled upon the fact that places had preorders open. So then I went into full-blown panic mode refreshing every site I could and attempting to make a purchase over and over for hours. I’m currently on the West coast of the US and I think I realized preorders were open around 4pm. It took me until just before midnight to secure the 500 USD PS5 preorder that I was looking for. It was fucking insane. I was at the point of just staying up all night refreshing pages to see when things came up, but with my boo’s help we got it.

In the end, I was able to pre order the console, headset, charging station, and media remote. I don’t really want another controller because I’ll end up just buying a colored variant when they naturally come out.

I believe that Amazon is the only retailer left to really shoot their load. A little bit of their stock slipped away last night when people had access to a direct link to add both systems into their cart, but that was taken down. I hope stock increases and everyone is able to get their console on launch, try not to pay scalpers on Ebay either, because fuck them.

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