Yakuza 6 – A Photo Journey Into the Past

YAKUZA 6: The Song of Life Tenkaichi St. Just a couple of jokers.

Sitting next to my PS5 are copies of Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Lost Judgment. I’m trying to figure out which one I’ll play next and came across some of these photos from my playthrough of Yakuza 6. I don’t think I really have anything to offer other than my complete love for this series. I played through the whole series in order and my Boo watched along with me. The Yakuza soap opera story really grabbed our attention and we were completely hooked in the tale of Kazuma Kiryu.

What a lovely spot for a… date?
I mean, did you really expect the shark to win?
Just try and rank me!
Who would have thought that Takeshi Kitano would star in a video game.
The baby looks pretty decent, usually they’re modeled poorly.
A little slice of life.
These chat rooms were just the best.
The Yamato battleship.
Don’t look at me for answers to this.
Just the best posters.
Yea, I let him fall to his death.

That’s basically all I wanted to share. I love all the games in the Yakuza franchise and these were just a few of the memories I had and wanted to share.

Shit, looking back at my trophies, this is the only Yakuza game that I got the platinum trophy in. Mostly because they tend to be insanely time consuming and this one wasn’t for some reason. I also completed the game in January of 2019, so it’s been a hot minute.

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