Xbox Series X – Finally a Release Date and Price & PS5 Release Date and Price Prediction

So the ball is officially rolling finally. After the leak yesterday, we got a price and date for the Series X.

Price – 499 USD
Release Date – November 10, 2020

I figured that after yesterday this would all happen and it’s just nice that it did. I do think they hit their price, and it’s a good price for what the system is capable of. They just need the games now, and backwards compatibility, payment plans, and game subscriptions will only get them so far.

I have the money to preorder one of these consoles, but if I also get the PS5 (which will happen), I’m just not sure what I’d use this one for. I’m not hating or anything, I just have a nice PC where I can play all the other games on with their PC game pass when the time is right.

The exciting part of this all is that it gives Sony the opportunity that they’ve been waiting for to finally put out price and release date for their launch.

PS5 Prediction

The PS5 needs to release November 3 with a price of 499 USD for the disk version and 399 USD for the digital. The bad part of that date is that it’s election day and that will be a fucking nightmare in the garbage filled landscape of American news. Perhaps because of that, and assuming they can’t go into October (which I would just love), they can match the November 10 release day of the Series X.

Please just let me lock in my preorder and let me know how much money I’m going to be dropping Sony.

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